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Facebook to allow easier disaster fundraising

IN THE hours after the fire which swept through Grenfell Tower last Wednesday, Facebook said it would soon allow its U.S. users to raise...

WhatsApp to end support of outdated devices

POPULAR MESSAGING app WhatsApp, in 2016 had said that it will stop its support of outdated devices. The Facebook-owned company had said that the app...

Garden of Reflection planned to remember terror attack victims

IN THE aftermath of the murderous attacks in Manchester, communities up and down the Costa Blanca got together to pay their own respects to...

Alicante Facebook fugitive is dead

THE MAN who went on the run and posted photographs of his new high life after fleeing abroad to the Costa Blanca – before...
Facebook wants to read your mind

Facebook Wants to Read Your Mind

Facebook Wants to Read Your Mind As daily technology users, we all know typing can be boring and tedious - but what if you could...

Facebook and Microsoft To Connect Spain and USA

A new submarine cable will connect Virginia Beach, in the US, with the Biscay town of Sopelana. The whole purpose of this is to make...

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Campaign to support the deaf and blind launched by Specsavers Opticas...

ON the International Day of Deafblindness, Marcelo Rosado, ONCE representative for Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla and José Ángel Moral-Tajadura, Retail and Business Development Manager for...

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Facebook to allow easier disaster fundraising

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